Socrates’ Defense:A great book that I want you to read at least once before you die.

Socrates’ Defense is a book that contains a defense of himself by the Greek philosopher Socrates. (The writer is Plato. Socrates left no books.)

Socrates was told by God that “Socrates is the wisest man alive,” but he thought that was not true, so he asked politicians, craftsmen, and poets who were considered wise at the time various questions to prove that they were wiser than himself, Finally, Socrates was accused of wrongdoing and put on trial for making enemies of the great men by forcing them into a situation where they were at a loss for an answer.

However, Socrates defended himself at the trial to prove that he was not mistaken in his pursuit of the truth. In his defense, Socrates said that “admitting one’s ignorance” is the starting point for approaching the truth, that “knowledge is something one possesses tacitly and can draw from it,” and that sticking to what one thinks is right is essential in the pursuit of the truth. He argued.

Socrates criticized those who try to teach what they know when they do not have the right knowledge and insisted that it is important to pursue truth, beginning with knowing what one knows nothing about. Knowing that one knows nothing means that it is necessary to admit one’s ignorance (this is the famous ignorance of ignorance). This is the dimension that allows us to approach the truth.

Socrates also believed that people can approach the truth by drawing on the knowledge they already have, and he went on to say that knowledge is something that is tacit and that it is important to be able to draw on it.

At the same time, Socrates also asserted that sticking to what one thinks is right is essential in the pursuit of truth.
Socrates knew that doing the right thing was not always rewarded, but he still preached that believing that he was right was more important than anything else, an attitude that resulted in further bad publicity at the trial.

That is why Socrates’ defense is filled with his philosophy and way of life, and the importance of justifying oneself and the knowledge of ignorance that Socrates spoke of still influences many people today. Especially in today’s society, where information abounds and everyone has his or her own point of view, the importance of self-justification and the pursuit of truth is becoming increasingly important.

And we must not forget that in order to pursue the truth, we must first admit our own ignorance. Starting with the knowledge that you know nothing and gradually drawing out knowledge is the first step in approaching the truth.

It is also important to stand up for what you believe is right. Not bending what you believe, regardless of how the world may view you, will lead you to justify yourself and your pursuit of the truth.

Furthermore, the way Socrates lived his life is another point worth noting. After being sentenced to death in a trial, Socrates chose to die in order to stand for the truth he believed in. Many people around the world were impressed by his integrity, and Socrates’ defense is said to be a masterpiece that will remain famous for generations to come.

Socrates’ teachings on the importance of knowledge of ignorance and self-defense, and the importance of sticking to what one thinks is right, still influence many people today, and by studying Socrates’ philosophy and reexamining oneself, one may be able to come closer to the truth.

That is why I encourage everyone to read Socrates’ apologetics.
Socrates’ philosophy and way of life may give you some hints for your life as well.


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